School visits - for teachers - Nana Duck

School visits – for teachers

Author visits would typically include:

  • A brief engagement chat about what an author is and what is meant by “local” author.
  • Author reading of the story
  • A question & answer session where the children can ask about the story, how it was written, illustrations and anything else they may come up with.
  • Watching a two-minute video clip (time-lapse) of one of the illustrations being painted with a short explanation of how the illustrations were done.
  • Colouring of Nana Duck colouring sheets (two sheets provided for each pupil)

Each child will be given a Nana Duck bookmark.  There will also be the opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book at a reduced price.

Visits can be tailored if there are specific things that a school would like to include in a session.


Nana Duck can be used in a wide variety of ways in the classroom.  Some examples are listed below:

  • Sequencing – The story lends itself well to sequencing. It starts as a simple story with familiar settings but has a funny twist at the end.  There are a lot of elements in the illustrations that help to build up to the twist.  Once the book has been read to the children and they know the ending, it is interesting to follow these hints through the book, starting from the front cover.
  • Character analysis – Nana is a good choice for children to focus on words to describe her character. This can then be linked to words that they might use to describe their own Nana.
  • Story writing – Nana and Ellie visit various everyday places during the story – the park, the butcher’s and the greengrocer’s. The children can write extra scenes for the book – where else could Nana and Ellie go?  Or, where would the children go to with their grandparents?


If you are interested in booking a visit, please contact Kathy for cost information and availability.