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Nana will be landing this week!

I can’t believe that it is almost a month since my last blog post.  Time flies.  It has been quite a busy month as Nana Duck has been sent to the printers and will be with us soon… I am very excited! The first proof copy arrived on the 8th September.  I was just about […]

The end of Kickstarter and the next steps

With 12 hours to go it is now obvious that our Kickstarter campaign is not going to be successful.   As soon as it became apparent that Kickstarter would not give me the funds that I needed to print the book, I started looking at alternative funding.  Happily, I have managed to secure enough funds from […]

Social media & Kickstarter week 2

This week we have been concentrating on trying to increase knowledge of the Nana Duck project, mainly via social media.  We were pleased to see that we’d made it on to the A Little Bit of Stone website this weekend as a result of our earlier press release. The Nana Duck Facebook page is up […]

Kickstarter week 1 update

Nana Duck has been live on Kickstarter for almost a week and we have… 12 backers.  The backer report tells me that 11 of them are from the UK and one is all the way from the USA.  I was ever so chuffed to see names on the backer list that I didn’t know but […]

Kickstarter going live… tomorrow!

I’m very pleased to announce that the Nana Duck Kickstarter project will be going live tomorrow morning! Wow!  We were always aiming to go live on the 5th August but I still can’t quite believe that we are ready to launch.  We don’t have any exact external deadlines to meet but as we want the […]

Fully sketched draft received

I am very tired but also really excited so I just have to write my latest post before I slope off to bed with a book.  Yesterday, at 7.04pm, Sarah sent over a fully sketched draft of Nana Duck and it was amazing.  It was so cool to see each page sketched out and get […]

Progress Report

I don’t feel like I have that much exciting progress to report today although we have taken some significant steps forward. I have approved Sarah’s sketch of the cover and of the Nana Duck character.  This means that Sarah can really get moving now as time is running on, I can’t believe that it is […]

Meeting with Sarah

Wow, it is amazing how fast a month and a half goes.  Sarah is now back (Congratulations on your wedding Sarah!) and we’ve had our first meeting to discuss the storyboard and characters. The most exciting part of the meeting was having my first look at the cover.  Sarah has brilliantly captured the photo of […]

First sketches

I have my first drawings from Sarah.  Every time I hear from her I get so excited that I can’t really function dispassionately enough to make decisions.  I have to leave the email for a while and come back to it.  This is definitely the case with seeing drawings for the first time. Sarah has […]

Quote accepted

I am very pleased to announce that I have received and accepted a quote from Sarah Croker ( to illustrate my children’s book, Nana Duck. As promised Sarah emailed me the quote following on from our meeting and I accepted it straight away.  I have sent her some photos of my family to start off […]

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