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The end of Kickstarter and the next steps

With 12 hours to go it is now obvious that our Kickstarter campaign is not going to be successful.   As soon as it became apparent that Kickstarter would not give me the funds that I needed to print the book, I started looking at alternative funding.  Happily, I have managed to secure enough funds from another source.  Nana Duck is still going to be printed this month 🙂

I’d like to thank all of our backers and invite them, and everyone else to pre-order Nana Duck now at a reduced rate (available until 17th September).

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I would also encourage you to keep checking Kickstarter.  There are some amazing projects out there that need help bringing them to life.  I will certainly be keeping an eye on things and backing when I can.

What went wrong?

The biggest disappointment was not getting as much local press coverage as we had hoped for.  We did not expect that many of our backers would come from the Kickstarter community so we needed to engage with local people.  The Kickstarter backer report shows that only 4 of the people who backed us had previously backed Kickstarter campaigns.

Our social media campaign went quite well with one post reaching 9,309 people, but we didn’t get any Kickstarter backers from it.  We did gain a few followers to the Nana Duck Facebook page.  We’re not sure whether people are really aware of what Kickstarter is and why people use it and it is entirely possible that our Kickstarter project page and marketing campaign didn’t quite hit the mark.  I’m still glad that we tried Kickstarter though, because it was a very interesting exercise and we learned a lot from doing it.  Also, I would have always wondered if we should have done it if we hadn’t done it.

One great outcome from the project was Sarah’s time-lapse video of her painting up one of the double page spreads from the book.  If you haven’t seen it yet it is well worth a watch.  I love seeing a talented illustrator at work.


Nana Duck time-lapse by Sarah Croker!

Just in case you missed our time-lapse video – here it again; enjoy. Nana Duck is now available to order online at – Handel – Entrance to the Queen of Sheba by Advent Chamber Orchestra – CCSA2

Posted by Nana Duck on domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

What now?

Saturday was a really exciting day as Sarah sent over the first full draft of the book.  I’ve spent quite a long time reviewing and re-reviewing it this weekend and have sent over the feedback for changes to be done tomorrow (Monday).  We are aiming to have the digital files over to the printer on Tuesday and will have an actual, fully bound printed proof in our hands by Friday.  Eek!

It is brilliant to see the full book coming together.  Overall I’m very pleased with it although I wish that I had an editor to check everything over.  I have had other members of my family checking things and together we have spotted a number of issues so hopefully everything will be perfect.  Of course, having the proof will help.  I’ve always been better at spotting errors on paper than on the computer.  The most amusing error (which has now been rectified) was that Nana bought sausages and then Grandad cooked bacon.  Oops!  At least it was noticed before it went to print.

Selling Nana Duck

Then all that is left to do is to sell the book.  I hope that it proves easier than getting interest for the Kickstarter campaign!  To break even I’ll need to sell most of the 1,000 copies that I’m having printed.  We’ll be selling the book through the Nana Duck website and have a couple of suppliers lined up locally but we definitely need more.  If you are interested in stocking Nana Duck, or know someone who might be, then please contact us.

Time to start thinking again…

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