Social media & Kickstarter week 2 - Nana Duck

Social media & Kickstarter week 2

This week we have been concentrating on trying to increase knowledge of the Nana Duck project, mainly via social media.  We were pleased to see that we’d made it on to the A Little Bit of Stone website this weekend as a result of our earlier press release.

The Nana Duck Facebook page is up and running with 89 followers at present.  If you haven’t liked it yet, please do so!  Yesterday we tried some targeted boosting of our Stoke City FC themed Facebook post.  We chose yesterday as it was Stoke’s first home game and kickoff wasn’t until 5.30pm.  We chose the 18-65+ age range who live in the UK and have an interest in SCFC.   I’ve not seen this before so it was interesting to look at the breakdown of people that we reached.  A total of 4,349 people were reached, 2,606 of them as a direct result of the marketing campaign.  We had 102 engagements with the post, 16 page likes, 8 shares and 6 link clicks.  The total cost was £15.76 so I think that it was worth it even though we didn’t get any new Kickstarter backers over the weekend.

Next steps… at the moment I must confess to being a little short of ideas.  I’ve just posted my 2nd update to the Kickstarter project which shared the first image from the book and the start of the story.  I’m hoping that having another image to look at and some actual text will help to convince people to back the project.  I’m quite open to marketing/awareness raising suggestions if anyone has any please contact me.


The beginning of our story…



Ellie is excited today as she is going to sleep over at Nana and Grandad’s house.  She helps Daddy to pack her books, her toys and her clothes.

“Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush,” Mummy shouts from downstairs.







Sarah and I met up last week for a catch-up on the project and we now have a timeline for getting all of the illustration finished and getting the final file to the printers, Ex Why Zed.  The file needs to be at the printer on the 5th September in order for us to receive the fully bound printed proof on the 8th.  This is very exciting.  If we sign off a proof on the 8th, we should have the finished copies of the book by the 22nd at the latest, in plenty of time for Christmas shoppers.  Sarah is very enthusiastic and I always feel better when we’ve had a chat.  I just hope we can find some backers from somewhere as we are already half way through the project – only 14 days to go.

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