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Kickstarter going live… tomorrow!

I’m very pleased to announce that the Nana Duck Kickstarter project will be going live tomorrow morning!

Wow!  We were always aiming to go live on the 5th August but I still can’t quite believe that we are ready to launch.  We don’t have any exact external deadlines to meet but as we want the book to be available in the run up to Christmas 2017 we need to get it off to the printers as early in September as we can.  It has taken a lot of effort to get us here but we have done it and we are feeling quite pleased with ourselves.  I must also mention my husband at this point too because he is amazingly supportive and he has done a lot of work to make this website look as good as it does.  I have to enjoy this feeling tonight because I know that I will be really nervous for most of the 30 days of the project.

Since looking into starting a Kickstarter project myself I’ve backed three projects on the site.  One was successful with several days to go, one was cancelled with 6 days to go (it only had 4 backers at that stage) and the final one which has 30 hours to go as I write this and still needs $400 of a $2,000 target.  I felt so sorry for the guy who only had 4 backers and I feel nervous for the one that is close but the minutes are ticking away.  Despite all the hard work I have no idea how the project will go so it will be hard not to be checking it every few minutes to see if anyone has backed us!  

So how did we get here?  When I last wrote, I’d received the first full sketched version of the book.  Since then we’ve been concentrating on getting everything ready for the launch.  I’ve even joined Facebook (something that I’ve been avoiding!) in order to reach out to old friends as I know how important raising awareness of the project will be.  I’ve written a press release for the local newspapers and have been trying to think of any contacts I may have had at any point who may be helpful now.  If I’m honest, I’m not overly comfortable with networking so I’m not enjoying this bit too much.

Making the video, on the other hand, was far more enjoyable than I was expecting.  We did four takes and ended up going for the first one.  It took me quite a while to decide what to wear even though you can only see the very top of my top!  I didn’t read off a script but had four bullet points on the wall to remind me of the four things I wanted to talk about: story behind it; engaging Sarah; costs + what for; rewards.  This meant that each of the four takes was slightly different and we were considering mashing them together but in the end we liked the first take best because I was most natural on that one.  The more takes we did, the more foolish I felt.

We now have final approved copies of the cover, the logo we’re using for Kickstarter, the bookmark (a Kickstarter reward) and the canal boat scene of the book.  This doesn’t sound like a lot when you write it down but each one has been through a number of iterations to make sure that I am happy with how it looks.  I always feel guilty when I’m asking for change after change even though Sarah always tells me that I shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  Of course, she is right because I have to be happy with the final book.

Going through the process of setting up the project has been interesting to me as I haven’t spent that much time on crowdfunding websites before.  I think that Kickstarter is a fascinating site to spend time on and I fully intend to keep checking and backing projects.  Now I just need my project to be successful.

So, wish me luck and check out Kickstarter.  Thanks, Duck 🙂



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