Fully sketched draft received - Nana Duck

Fully sketched draft received

I am very tired but also really excited so I just have to write my latest post before I slope off to bed with a book.  Yesterday, at 7.04pm, Sarah sent over a fully sketched draft of Nana Duck and it was amazing.  It was so cool to see each page sketched out and get a feel for what the finished book will look like.


I was up until 11pm (!) going through each page and checking that I liked the image and that it fitted with my vision for the story.  Now, I know that 11pm doesn’t sound that late on its own but when you add in that I’ve been a bit under the weather for a few days and I have a very active 15-month-old then you should understand that staying up until 11pm was quite an achievement!  Feedback was sent to Sarah with some small changes and a couple of bigger ones and by 12.52pm today I had a revised draft for comments.


My biggest confusion was one page where I’d written about a male character (dog-walker) but Sarah had drawn a woman because she had been inspired by a neighbour.  It was a brilliant drawing and I loved the lady she had drawn.  Unfortunately, I can’t imagine this woman saying “Ay-up Duck” so the lady won’t be appearing in the book after all.  “Ay-up Duck” is one of my favourite phrases so that had to stay.  It would be a real shame not to share this character though as I loved the sketch so here she is:

Some things I hadn’t thought of at all until I saw them drawn out.  In one scene Ellie (who is based on an older version of my daughter) is holding a cuddly bear.  Quite a normal thing for a little girl to be doing but my little girl doesn’t have a cuddly bear… she has a cuddly hare.  He is pink and is called Harry.  It looked so wrong to me that this character had a bear not a hare so I sent Sarah a photo of Harry and there he is in draft 2.  Much better!  My husband also pointed out that one of the pieces of meat on the butcher’s counter looked like it was cooked and was alongside uncooked meat so that had to go too – we can’t be setting a bad hygiene example to our readers 😊


As I write this, I’m trying to decide if anything else needs to be changed before Sarah moves on to the painting stage.  Colour will really bring it to life and I can’t wait to see how it materialises.  Sarah is going to take photos at each various stages of the process so that we can include this on our Kickstarter video.  Wow!


Less excitingly, I’ve been looking at legal wording around copyright and rights to be asserted.  I was definitely not cut out to be a lawyer/solicitor or whoever it is in the legal profession that covers this kind of thing.  Once it is done it will be another job ticked off the list which will make me very happy.


I haven’t done much new on Kickstarter even though there are only 10 days to go until I want to launch it.  Kickstarter also has to review it before it goes live.  That means I only have about 6 days because they say to allow up to 3 business days for their review process.  Eek – so much still to do.  We haven’t even started on the video yet.  I think I’ll just go and write a few things down before bed…

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