Quote accepted - Nana Duck

Quote accepted

I am very pleased to announce that I have received and accepted a quote from Sarah Croker (greetingsfromsarah.com) to illustrate my children’s book, Nana Duck.

As promised Sarah emailed me the quote following on from our meeting and I accepted it straight away.  I have sent her some photos of my family to start off the sketching process.  I’ve also sent one of my late dog Benji who died last year.  I couldn’t embark on a project of this kind without including the old man somewhere.

I should have an initial storyboard and some characters to look at soon.  Sarah is getting married and will be missing for much of June but is hoping to get these to me before she goes.  It is feeling very real now that I’ve paid a deposit for the work.

Time to get my thinking cap on for all of the things that I’ll have to do make this project successful.  I’m not expecting to make much money but definitely don’t want to make huge losses.  I need to spend some time thinking about how I’m going to sell 1,000 copies which I think I must do to have any real prospect of making a little bit of money.  Of course, I will do proper costings once I’ve looked into printing and marketing (I am an accountant after all) but that is the rough number of copies that I think will need to be sold.

As the main joke of the story revolves around people calling other people duck, my main target is to sell in the North Staffordshire area (Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire Moorlands).  According to Wiki, the population of the area in 2011 was just under ½ million… hopefully 1,000 of them will buy my book.  Well, 999 of them really because my Mum will buy the first one!

I think that the story will have a wider appeal than North Staffordshire anyway as it will be wonderfully illustrated and is a real celebration of the role that grandparents play in their grandkids’ lives.  It is also reflective of the funny things that kids say which is something that people the world over can identify with.  The book is designed to be read with children of about the age of 4, so an adult will be able to explain the joke even if the child doesn’t get it initially.

I would really love the book to make it all over the world as I’m sure that ex-Stokies would enjoy a little reminder of home and to show their children something about where they came from.  I’m going to put a section on my website where people can post messages from far and wide – how far will the book get?  Who will be the ex-Stokie who received the book and is furthest away from Stoke?

Then there is the business side to think of… limited company or self-employed?  Or a partnership with my husband?  He will have a lot of input in to the project financially and creatively as he’ll be in charge of the website because he works in the software industry.  Time for some business advice I think… good job that I know lots of accountants.


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