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First meeting report

What a great meeting we’ve had today.  I’m over the moon with how it went and am awaiting the quote now.  From our discussions I think it is going to be in a price range that I can work with so I’m super excited.

We met in Stone for a coffee and I was really nervous.  It was the first time that my story has been seen by someone outside of my immediate family and they are, of course, biased.  We chatted about the project for a while and then I decided to go for it and gave her my story to read.  I popped off to the ladies while she read it so that it was less awkward!  Luckily, she liked the story and we had a laugh about my disappearing.  She said that she was thinking that she hoped it was good and was pleased I’d run off as she has a very expressive face!  Neither of us were really used to that situation but in the end it didn’t matter because reading it made her want to work on the project.

With a great deal of relief and excitement (on both sides I think) we then carried on talking about ideas for the illustrations and what I had in mind.  I explained that the characters are based on my own daughter and my parents and that I wanted the characters to look a little like them, but not so that you would recognize them on the street.  My daughter will have to be aged anyway as she is only 14 months old but the character in the book is about 4 years old.

We then talked about the other characters and settings.  There is a scene in a butcher’s which I had imagined in quite a bit of detail so I was able to describe that one.  For other pages, I was definitely looking to her for the artistic interpretation of the story and how it would look best.  She had a few ideas which sounded promising straight away.

I was pleased to discover that her work would include page layouts and where the text would go as well as the drawings themselves.  Actually, they are paintings – the process is to sketch roughly first, then to sketch in full size and then to paint.  It is such a strange (and welcome) experience for me to work with someone who is truly creative.  This was the first conversation that I have had which included the line “I just want to go home and sketch.”  This level of enthusiasm didn’t happen too much when I was working as an accountant!

So now I wait for the quote and hope that we can move forward with the project together…

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