Nana Duck - Nana Duck

Nana Duck


Nana Duck is a beautifully illustrated and light-hearted children’s storybook.  It is perfect for reading aloud to pre-school children and with school children up to Year 2.  The illustrations contain lots of small details for pointing out to the young audience and familiar items such as oatcakes that don’t appear in many children’s stories.

It is a fun tale that celebrates the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.  It explores how language can sometimes be confusing for children and how this can lead to kids saying the funniest things.  Is Nana all that she seems?  You’ll have to buy the book to found out!

Set in North Staffordshire, the book includes canals, oatcakes and “Ay-up Duck” so should strike a chord with anyone from the area or who has since moved away.

We donate 50p per book sold to our wonderful local hospice, the DougieMac, in memory of Kathy’s Nana, Nellie Williams.

We love Nana Duck but don’t just take our word for it – we have been getting some lovely reviews on facebook.